Our Education Partner

Academics Overview

The Bangalore based Education Management Company; Strategum Eduserve is the Education Partner of The Learning Stem. Strategum carries with it many years of involvement in arranging, overseeing and transforming educational foundations across India. In past, it has built up pre-schools, K-12 schools, universities, business colleges, building organizations, colleges and learning city. To date, it has built up more than 50 Educational Institutes in India.

Strategum has been engaged in by The Learning Stem to boost our scholastic accomplishments with the best conceivable practices and procedures to satisfy our dream and vision of quality education offering. The Strategum mastery expects to give and execute its teaching procedures to advance a sound and dynamic cooperation of each student and staff. Strategum additionally supports The Learning Stem with Academic Handholding and Teacher's Training to enhance the foundations' adequacy instruction framework.

We are certain that The Learning Stem in relationship with Strategum will empower a learning domain in which every student will achieve their academic and individual potential.