1. Which documents are required for admission?

    • Photocopy of student’s birth certificate (Original to be show for attestation)
    • 4 Recent passport size photographs of student.
    • 2 Recent passport size photographs of parents or guardian.
    • Annual Mark Sheet or Report Card of previous school attended.(if applicable)
    • Original Transfer certificate from the previous school attended.(if applicable)
    • Medical Certificates (if applicable)
    • Samagra Number
  2. When can parents apply for admissions?

    Admissions for the academic session have started and parents can purchase admission form and prospectus from school office on working days. Rest information can be obtained from our student relations executive by Visiting our Campus/City office or over telephone - 9109694002 / 9109694004

  3. What is the school's approach towards student's Safety & security?

    Child is our responsibility till he/she is in school. School buses are having adequate safety measures like emergency phone numbers, fire extinguisher, first aid box, etc. Our staff would be there in buses with the students to keep a strict watch on the movement of your child. The campus is under the CCTV Surveillance to monitor the activities and movements on campus.

  4. What facilities does the school provide at the school?

    • Digital Learning
    • Art and Craft Studio
    • Music Studio
    • Dance Studio
    • Infirmary/Sick Bay
    • Library
    • ERP
    • Transport Facility
    • Science Lab
    • Computer Lab
    • Math Lab
    • Multipurpose Activity Hall
    • Kids Play Area
    • Indoor Sports
  5. Whether Transport facility is available?

    Yes, transport is available from areas decided by the school management.

  6. Where is the school located and how big is the campus?

    The main campus is located in Village Kalu Khapa, Pachmarhi Road, Pipariya. The main campus is of 5 acres in area.

  7. Does the school provide any extra- curricular activities?

    School believes that over all development of child is possible only by providing them the exposure to various disciplines; hence we have focused to develop right mix of co-curricular and extracurricular,
    some of the key facilities are:

    • Sports facilities (indoor and outdoor)
    • Dance Studio
    • Music Studio
    • Arts and Crafts Studio

  8. What is special about the CBSE curriculum?

    • Completion of syllabus is not the focus but conceptual understanding is the focus
    • Personality of the learner developed
    • Rote learning is avoided, experiential learning is adopted
    • Learning is through activities, learning not for facts and knowledge but for life
    • Attitudes and skills inculcated through activities
    • Learning through cooperation and sharing
    • Projects involving society included
    • Fieldtrips, guest speakers, theme & activity based teaching used
    • Child is involved in the process of learning
    • Creative teaching techniques used
    • Individual attention provided to child
    • Differentiated instruction planned based on child’s abilities
    • No tuition needed unless child has learning difficulties
    • Counseling and reinforcement strategies used
    • Extra attention is given to the slow learners
    • Regular interaction with the parent so as keep the parents inform regularly
  9. What is the maximum student intake and how is it helpful in studies?

    Maximum student strength is 36 per section/class which helps teachers to have proper focus upon each child and understand his/her strengths and weaknesses.

  10. What is the course program offered in the classes?

    The school will apply for Affiliation from CBSE, Delhi.

  11. Does the school fee include the cost of Books, Stationary and Uniform?

    The school fee does not include the cost of books, notebooks, stationary and uniform cost. It would be charged at actual and will be available at School. The school shall inform the parents about the dates when they can avail the items from the school. A school fee only includes the Tuition fees, annual charges and the day boarding charges and transportation charges are separately.

  12. Does the school organize any events for the parents and children?

    The school believes in inclusive growth and feels that parents should largely be a part of all celebrations and events in the school. The school conducts many parents workshop, seminar, open house events for the parents along with Annual sports day, Annual cultural day, summer camps, winter camps, Inter school competitions and Adventures camps for the Children as well.

  13. What medical assistance will be provided to a child in case of any health concern or injury?

    The school is having a well equipped infirmary to take care of the children who are not feeling well. The care givers take proper care of the student and in case of need parents are contacted by the class teacher or the coordinator.